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NCLS Research results are regularly circulated in papers and publications.  Here we share these results in a range of Research Papers produced by NCLS Research.

NCLS Research examines leadership and organisational effectiveness in local churches and denominations. The research maps the intersection between churches and communities and examines the psychology of religion and positive psychology in church life. Also investigated are those who goes to church and minority populations in church life. Trends in church life are tracked over time.

Welcome to our library of Research Papers. These Papers are based on National Church Life Surveys held since 1991 as well as a range of surveys of Australian communities, including the National Census of Population and Housing.

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Generations Approach Church Differently
Moving Beyond Forty Years of Missing Generations
This paper tracks the inflow and outflow between denominations from 1991 to 2001
This paper summarises the results from the 10 to 14 year Old Survey of Attenders in the 2001 NCLS
To what extent is a willingness to develop one’s spirituality related to higher levels of wellbeing?
This NCLS report looks at issues relating to faith development - sponsored by Bible Society
This paper describes levels of insecurity in Australian society and the relationship to wellbeing.

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