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This Christmas, fresh expressions of church life will also offer gifts to Australian communities
NCLS Research suggests a number of benefits for denominational leaders and staff if they take part.
Aussies limit trust to the trustworthy
One year out from the NCLS many denominational leaders have had a visit from NCLS Research staff.
Mothers have played a big role when it comes to showing kids what faith is all about.
Major sponsors have agreed to support the carrying out of the National Church Life Survey in 2006
Secular mindset no gift for Christmas (Research Article) 13/12/2004
New research shows religion and spirituality can be good for our wellbeing
This is a profile of newcomers to church life across different countries: Australia, NZ, UK, and USA
Lighthouse Churches identified by NCLS (Research Article) 15/05/2004
Lighthouse Churches identified by NCLS
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