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NCLS 2006 - Information for Local Churches

The goal of National Church Life Survey 2006 is to nurture life in both the leadership and churches across Australia.

NCLS 2006 is a chance for churches to review their core qualities and strengths, and make plans for the future.

It also provides resources for leaders to grow their leadership strengths and to identify the personal strengths that they bring to their tasks.

Here you can find out:

WHY - Why churches take part in NCLS 2006

Churches take part in the National Church Life Survey to help them understand and foster the health and vitality of their local church. Leaders are helped to identify and grow leadership and personal strengths. Each local church also contributes to a big picture of church life in Australia. More

WHAT  - What local churches get

Within a few months of completing the survey, you will receive resources to help you assess and appreciate your church's core qualities and build on your strengths.

Based on your survey responses, your unique Church Profile will help you assess the qualities of your church's life. It will also put a spotlight on patterns and trends over years, including changes in attendance.

The resources will include a book and DVD with different planning options to churches to suit their needs.  An 'Innovations' magazine will share stories of new initiatives and creative ideas from across the country. More

WHEN  - When NCLS 2006 happens

The National Church Life Survey will take place between June and November 2006.  Churches will receive a profile of their results a few months after completing the survey. In general, each state has been allocated a survey month. See Survey Timeline.

Churches may select the most suitable week within the month to conduct the survey.  For  example, churches may choose to avoid a long weekend. A package of survey forms and instructions will be sent to each participating church prior to their survey month.

HOW  - How to run the Survey

To complete the NCLS will mean taking around 20 minutes of your attenders' time to fill in Attender Survey forms.   There are also are also Leaders Survey forms and an Operations Survey for each church.

When? Run it any time in your survey month
Who?Survey all attenders over 15 yrs of age

  • Conduct the survey at any activity of spiritual nurture in your church (eg. in church services, at youth groups, at fellowships, in small groups)
  • Survey attenders ONCE only
  • Do not, under any circumstances, allow survey forms to be taken home.
  • Collect Surveys and return to NCLS Research for processing

All responses will be anonymous and confidential.

A few months after completing the survey, the NCLS team will produce research and resources that aim to help your church to better appreciate and assess your vital qualities of church life.

Full instructions will be sent with survey forms to participating churches. More

HOW MUCH  - How much does it cost

  • The proposed contributions for NCLS 2006 are:
  • $100 per church (parish),
  • $1 per attender survey form ordered.

This covers the processing of your survey forms, and the return of your results in a Connections for Life Kit including the NCLS Profile, book and DVD. Other resources will also be included in this Kit. More

WHO - Who to contact for more information

All denominations are being encouraged to invite their congregations to take part in NCLS 2006. Every local church is welcome to take part - whether or not their denomination is an official participant.

Where appropriate, you will be connected with your denominational Regional Co-ordinator, who works with the NCLS team to facilitate the survey process.

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