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About Church Life Surveys

How is your church going?
Why not
use a Church Life Survey regularly to see how your church is progressing?

Churches can run a Church Life Survey at any time that suits them, to assess their quality of church life.

  • Are your attenders growing in their faith?
  • Does your church own its vision?
  • How are you progressing towards achieving your vision and mission?

You may find a Church Life Survey useful...

  • to see the strengths of your church attenders, their hopes and priorities in order to build a vision
  • to plan new ministries and compare survey results before and after implementing that plan
  • where there have been changes, such as church planting or a new church service commencing
  • where large numbers of people have joined or left a congregation, or
  • when a new minister joins a congregation.

Churches that complete a Church Life Survey receive a full colour Profile report, along with  a Church Life Pack of supporting resources, to help them engage their results and plan a way forward.

Available at any time to suit your church

Please contact to express your interest in a Church Life Survey. Surveys are available for adult attenders (aged 15 years and over) and child attenders (aged 8-14 years).

10 Reasons to Survey your Church

How Churches Use Church Life Surveys

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