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Profiling Australians (2003)

Profiling Australians: Social and Religious Characteristics of the Population

Are young adults in Australia different from the rest of the community in their spirituality? How do the leisure activities of young couples change when they have children? Are blue-collar workers different from their employers in their approach to work, leisure and religion?

Profiling Australians uses data from the 1998 Australian Community Survey to provide answers to these and many other questions. It looks at 14 different groups of people from various age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds and provides statistical information and commentary for each group on:

  • work and use of time
  • leisure activities and family life
  • involvement in voluntary organisations
  • church attendance, Christian belief and alternative spirituality
  • ministry needs and opportunities.
Profiling Australians helps readers gain a better understanding of the wide differences that can exist in the lifestyles and beliefs of Australians. It also provides churches with important information to help them in their planning for ministry and mission, not only where they are designing activities for specific groups of people but also where they need to make their activities accessible to a wide range of people in the community.
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