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Exploring What Australians Value (2004)

Australians are united in their desire for a world that is peaceful and where people are honest with one another. These are the values most strongly affirmed in a study of Australian identity and values from the Australian Community Survey (ACS), a joint project of NCLS Research and Edith Cowan University. When asked what they live for, the vast majority of Australians (84%) indicate they live for their spouses, children and other family members.

Beyond these values of peace and honesty, family and friends, equality and social justice, this study was able to identify four different values orientations. These value orientations relate to a wide range of attitudes and behaviours, such as voting behaviour, involvement in voluntary activities, as well as in attitudes to such issues as injustice in society and family structure.

Jointly published by NCLS Research and Christian Research Association (2004)

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