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Reading your Church Life Profile

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How healthy is your church? Every church that participates in the National Church Life Survey (NCLS 2006) will receive a Church Life Profile that will include summary results of your church's core qualities of vitality.

We invite you to focus on the qualities of life God has given you, in the present and the past, and to dream, plan and pray about how to develop that life in the future.

Read what is in the Church Life Profile. You can also view and download sample profiles:

2006 Church Life Pack

The Church Life Profile is part of a kit of resources called the Church Life Pack that will assist your congregation to evaluate, plan and implement mission and ministry.

A few months after you complete NCLS 2006 your church will receive the Church Life Pack containing your results and supportive resources, including a book, worksheets and DVD. (More)

Online access:

After completing the NCLS 2006, your church will be provided with a Profile Number to view your Church Life Profile online. Church leaders will also be given a secure NCLS Admin Key which will allow ongoing administrative communication with NCLS and access to more options.

What is in the Church Life Profile

Nine Core Qualities

This 28 page full colour report will include summary pages that show your current strengths across nine core qualities of healthy churches, and how these have changed over time. It will also provide detailed results for each core quality.

The faith, worship and belonging core qualities are indicators of both the commitment of attenders and their confidence in your church. These are important motivational resources when it comes to mission.

The leadership and vision core qualities reveal the extent to which attenders are committed to the directions and visions of the church. The innovation core quality reveals openness to change. While leadership may be taking the church in one direction, are attenders actually on board? An empowering style of leadership has been linked to the development of church vitality.
Finally the service, faithsharing and inclusion core qualities reveal how, in concrete ways, attenders at your church are involved in missional activity. Some churches will place greater emphasis on the service statistics than others, seeing the activity of church attenders in the community as much more salient than evangelism or the attraction of new attenders to the church.

We invite you to focus on the qualities of life God has given you, in the present and the past, and to dream, plan and pray about how to develop that life in the future.

Attendance Measures

Your Church Life Profile also provides attendance measures including attendance change (church growth or decline), the percentage of newcomers and the proportion of the children of attenders still attending your church. These are concrete measures of the missional impact of your church.

The People at Your Church

Other summary information in the Church Life Profile includes age profiles and other demographics such as gender, education, marital status etc. Other indicators include patterns of financial giving and travel time to church.

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