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About National Church Life Survey 2006

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly" said Jesus ( John 10:10).  The NCLS Research team works with all churches to explore abundance of life in Christ Jesus.

We invite churches to focus on the qualities of the life God has given them, in the present and the past, and to dream, plan and pray about how to develop that life in the future.

Church Life Pack: Every church will receive the Church Life Pack within a few months of completing the NCLS 2006.

These resources are to help you assess and appreciate your church's core qualities and are shaped by 15 years of research on patterns of health and vitality in Australian churches. Because every church is different, we will provide different planning options to churches to suit their needs.

The Pack includes:
  • Church Life Profile - 20 page report
  • Book - 'Enriching Church Life' is for church leaders and attenders who want to enhance the vitality of the ministries they offer
  • DVD - including videos, worksheets and notes will help guide you through the process
  • Novus Magazine - shares stories of new initiatives and creative ideas from across the country.
About the Church Life Profile: Based on your survey responses, your unique Church Life Profile will help you assess the qualities of your church's life.
  • an alive and growing Faith
  • vital and nurturing Worship
  • strong and growing Belonging
  • a clear and owned Vision
  • inspiring and empowering Leadership
  • open and flexible Innovation
  • practical and diverse Service
  • willing and effective Faith-sharing
  • intentional and welcoming Inclusion

It will also put a spotlight on patterns and trends over years, including changes in attendance.

We plan to offer your congregation

Prompt results
We aim to ensure that your survey results are available a few months after you return your completed survey forms.

Resources for planning
The Connections for Life Kit will also provide resources for a range of planning options such as:
1. A brief review and planning process
2. Integration with existing planning processes
3. A comprehensive planning process

The NCLS team has always tried to support churches in their own context.  We believe that churches within context are best at understanding the issues they confront.  At the same time we are keen to help churches develop visions for ministry that flow out of the natural energy of churches where they are located.

Discern change over time
Each church's profile report will include comparison with 2001 data where available, reflecting stories of change and stability in the life of the church.

Resources for leadership
NCLS 2006 will include a survey of church leaders and new resources based upon leadership research findings.

Online resources
Using a unique password for each local church, participants will be able to view your own Profile reports and other resources at

Surveys on request
Surveys on request can help your church monitor its life, changes and plans. After the NCLS 2006 survey season, NCLS Research can conduct Church Life Surveys at times chosen by your congregation.

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