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10 reasons to survey your church

    1. Hear all the voices in your church
    Take the time to hear the attitudes and beliefs from all the voices, including those who don't always get heard: ministers, lay leaders, adult attenders, youth and children.

    2. Take stock of your church's health and vitality
    Go beyond counting heads and use the NCLS research framework of church vitality to assess nine core qualities and three attendance measures.

    3. Identify and build on your church's strengths
    Your own survey results will show where your church's strengths lie. Associated planning resources will help you build on these strengths, develop a vision and move forward.

    4. Find out the leadership strengths of attenders and leaders
    Receive a map of the leadership strengths that already exist among attenders, lay leaders and clergy. Knowing the leadership strengths of you attenders can help church leaders to effectively steward the gifts and skills of their people.

    5. Be part of something: build on 20 years of mission research
    NCLS Church Life Surveys have become the largest collection of data on church life in the world. 20+ denominations, thousands of local churches, hundreds of thousands of attenders over 20 years. Contribute to this Australian mission research.

    6. Add to the profile of your denomination and region
    Denominational leaders can use overview information about their churches to inform their pastoral and strategic leadership.

    7. Add to the profile of the Australian church
    Make sure the unique perspective of your church is part of the overall profile of the Australian church.

    8. Inform the wider church & community of mission and ministry activities
    Describe your new initiatives and innovations; describe what is happening at the local level in terms of justice, welfare, education and social activities.

    9. Help researchers work out what works
    Researchers around the world will investigate the results to learn from the experiences of Australian churches, to help churches and leaders internationally.

    10. Shape the story of the church in the wider community
    Results will help tell the story of church life that goes beyond myths and stereotypes.

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