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Planning Processes for Churches

Engage Your Church's Results

The goal of a Church Life Survey is to help your church find life to the full. 

It is our hope that your church will engage your results, and use the insights gained, to build on your strengths and realise your potential for the future.

Informed Decision Making

The information collected from thousands of churches who have taken part in Church Life Surveys over the years, contributes great wisdom to the question of "How can my church be more healthy, vital and grow?" Learning from the experiences of other church leaders can give a church greater confidence in the decision they make.

Life-Giving Processes

Our belief is that planning should be about the search for life within a church. Planning is part of our responsible stewardship of gifts and talents that God has given us so that life will flourish in our church communities. Building on the past strengths of a church can be a springboard into the future and the planning process itself can be life-giving.

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