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Local Church engagement with NESB churches NCLS Fact Sheet 14009

Australia’s population is becoming increasingly multilingual, with more than half (53%) of those born overseas and migrating to Australia able to speak a language other than English (LOTE). Only one tenth of migrants identified their ability to speak English as ‘not well or not at all’

Churches can potentially offer a sense of belonging and friendships for migrants who may be feeling voiceless or struggling with their ability to communicate. Churches can also provide migrants with practical and pastoral support in settling into a new country, and opportunities to explore or strengthen faith in Christ. This Fact Sheet focuses on that ministry potential by exploring the engagement of churches with congregations from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB).

Author/s: Duncum, I., Hancock, N & Powell, R.

Price: Free

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Duncum, I., Hancock, N & Powell, R. (2014) Local Church Engagement with Non-English Speaking Churches: NCLS Research Fact Sheet 14009. Adelaide: Mirrabooka Press.

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