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NCLS Research provides quantitative social survey research of the highest calibre to our clients. Our research team has decades of experience in social research and includes academics with higher research degrees with particular expertise in the areas of religious studies, sociology and psychology.

Together with the support of our IT, communications, logistics and administration professionals, NCLS Research can deliver you a research project from start to finish, including a fit-for purpose nuanced research design, comprehensive results reporting, insightful interpretation, and a compelling summary of the research findings and their implications. We can also provide you with smaller stand-alone solutions, such as survey data collection and delivery.

We have a particular research expertise in the areas of:

  1. Religion and spirituality
  2. Evaluation of institutions, and institutional products (e.g. services, activities)
  3. Organisational health
  4. Participant, client and stakeholder engagement
  5. Effective and sustainable leadership
  6. Social attitudes and behaviours

NCLS Research has highly developed logistical capability and research infrastructure. We run the second largest social survey in Australia, after the Australian Census. Since 1991, every census year we have successfully conducted surveys of hundreds of thousands of church attenders, over ten thousand of church leaders, and thousands of local churches. We have our own in-house hard copy survey infrastructure and our own online survey engine, as well as access to the Qualtrics online survey software.

NCLS Research’s combined research, infrastructure and logistics capabilities enable us to offer world class research solutions at highly competitive prices.

Examples of commissioned research: NCLS Research has worked with clients in the church, education and non-profit sectors. See examples of recent commissioned research projects and testimonials from our clients.

NCLS Research Panel: About NCLS Research’s online panel and how you can commission it for your survey.

Commissioning questions in the 2016 National Church Life Survey: NCLS Research offers organisations and individuals to opportunity to commission questions for inclusion in the next round of the NCLS.

Contact us if you are interested in commissioning research.

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